The humanitarian Situation analyse for GALMUDUG

Wararka Galmudug

The humanitarian situation in major parts of Galmudug remains difficult and catastrophic since Gu’ rains was less or shower. It means the region experienced more than two years of consecutive drought and dreadful time which resulted the death of more than 75% of the Nomad’s livestock and migration to urban cities. Hundreds of people stormed in IDPs, children are Malnourished and mortality rates increase. Here’s a bulletin for Galmudug’s current situation.

  • More than 1,500 displaced people settled in Godinlabe in two new sites. Godinlabe is 30km south of Cadaado town, in Galgaduud region. Half of the displaced people came from Alshabaab controlled areas in Xarardheere district while another half are the separated familes from migrated pastorolists out of Galgauud region.
  • The tension in Xeraale town displaced nearly 3,000 people out of the town following the deployment of the rival armed groups on 12 July. The displaced people fled to nearby villages in seek of safety. Majority of the displaced are women and children.
  • Over 10,000 people migrated out of Galgaduud region in June 2017, to some parts in Hiraan, Puntland and Somaliland. The migrated pastoralists sought pasture and water for their livestock.
  • Alshabaab continues to depress the locals in Xarardheere district including recent arrest of clan elders.
  • Sanitation in the IDP settlements in Gaalkacyo and Baxdo towns are not good according to the local authorities.
  • AWD cases decline in Cadaado, Caabudwaaq and Dhuusamareeb districts.
  • Somali Banknote Shillings refusal in major central Somalia cities makes the situation more difficult to IDPs, unskilled labor and even entrepreneurs.
  • Measles cases decline in south Gaalkacyo district following interventions from health partners.
  • Absence of health, protection and shelter clusters remain concerned.

prepared by:

Galmudug State-

Ministry of Humantarian Aid & Disability Care