Durable Solutions for Galmudug’s Humanitarian Crisis

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From conflicts to droughts among with Somali national Note Shilling Dismissal, here are some steps for durable solutions to recurrent disasters.

Early recovery for IDPs in Galmudug State of Somalia (GSS)

  1. Launching assessments by implementing concrete data collections to finally convey Number of Internally displacements in entire GSS, finding out exact reasons of displacements, sub number for long term IDPs, recovery type people need, etc.
  2. Water sources distribution to the remote rural areas by increasing the availability of Shallow Wells and boreholes like initiating new facilities, rehabilitating existing ones by insuring the quality of water to prevent water related diseases.
  3. Restocking Nomadic residents to regain their life in countryside when drought circulation finishes in help with receive basic training for tackling livestock diseases.
  4. Implementing a proper strategy for animal fodder like to prepare short fodder farming places for test to know where it can grow exactly in short term with large quantified productions. Then, after successful tests GSS should prepare policies, procedures and guidelines with the help of FGS and International Community to deploy this programme. It will create some sort of resilience and eradicate future drought affects.
  5. Beginning huge capacity building and trainings for agro pastoralists to teach them how to take advantage from the livestock during prosperous seasons like generating benefits in different animal productions to combat future disasters and store backups.
  6. Facilitating agriculture sector to needed resources to develop their production capacity and encouraging to increase production of foodstuff instead of seeding and planting multiple of lemons for the sake of export.
  7. Developing and improving fishery sector to become an alternate for those who lost their livestock and don’t like to be back in nomadic life.
  8. Infrastructure development.
  9. Creating an overall national level resiliency strategy.

10.People think back and stop meaningless man made conflicts.

Ahmed Wehlie

Director General/Humanitarian Coordinator for MoHADC of Galmudug State of Somalia