Galmudug Statement on Attempts to Destabilize its Institutions

Wararka Galmudug

Ref: XMGM/10/0195 Date: 3rd Oct, 2017

Press Release

Galmudug Statement on Attempts to Destabilize its Institutions
Adado, October 3, 2017 – The Attempts to topple the President of Galmudug State on September 26, 2017 was clearly orchestrated by Federal Government of Somalia, particularly Mr. Hassan Ali Khaire, the Prime Minister of Somalia. On September 25, Khaire’s Administration dispatched a well-resourced group of campaigners – with a large sum of money and a candidate – to Galmudug’s provisional capital Adado with intent to overthrow the legitimately elected President of Galmudug, H.E. Ahmed Duale Gelle.

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Khaire himself directed these unlawful operations, including the bogus Parliament vote and the press statement issued within hours on September 26, 2017 for support by the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation. Such a move was not only reckless, but it also violated key statutory and principles enshrined in the Federal
Constitution of Somalia.

It is dangerous and illegal to use public resources including public funds as well as Federal security agencies to destabilize the country when we are facing resurgent Alshabaab threats.

Ironically, it coincides with a difficult for civil servants and armed forces that remain unpaid for their rightful salaries for several months now. We cannot defeat Alshabaab and achieve progress if the Federal Government is leading the wrong cause, and is in unremitting crisis and chaos all the time.
However, subverting the powers of legitimate state authorities and their leaders sets now a new precedent in Somalia – one that could have serious ramifications on peace building efforts. This remains a grave concern not only for Galmudug, but for all federal member states. In fact, when
it failed on everything else, the Federal Government ignited a new episode of political crisis in Federal Member States. Certainly, it is unbecoming for Mr. Khaire to engage with such behaviour at a time when Somalia is steadily recovering from years of clan and political hostility.

In addition, to restore confidence and trust in the executive branch of the Federal Government, Galmudug calls for the President of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to take a responsible stand on the attempted coup that transpired in Galmudug as he is responsible for the
protection of the constitution. This means the President should demand accountability for the actions of his Prime Minister. Otherwise, the rule of law will be a victim as chaos and lawlessness will reverse the gains made by Somali people.

Furthermore, Galmudug State is committed to the rule of law, and will continue to promote peace and reconciliation across the region. It is our hope that the leaders at the Federal Government, in consultations with member states, will focus their energy on the more important issues facing our country. This requires a broad respect for the rule of law, including the federal
system while ensuring officials are accountable for their actions. At the end, Galmudug wishes for a partnership with the Federal Government that is built on trust and mutual respect for the constitution as well as the laws of the land.

Office of the President, Galmudug State