Advert Tools for Galkacyo Water Pans Excavations




Local Competitive Bidding (LCB) for Support for Improved Immediate Access to Food for
Vulnerable Households in Galkayo South, Mudug Region – SHF


1 SOM-21/3485/SA1/FSC/NGO/18176 Tools for Water Pans Excavations and Rehabilitation (Big
Axe, Shovel, Tape Measure and Wheel barrows)
Deadline for Application 26th June 2021.

  1. The Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) Requests Qualified contractors/Suppliers who
    wish to be considered for the proposed Supplies who meet the below listed requirements;
     Valid Certificate of Registration from Galmudug State
     Valid Tax Compliance Certificate from Galmudug State
     Valid Business Permit from Galmudug State
     Past Experience of similar Work.
     Bank Statement (Last 6 months)

  2. Interested companies are advised to collect a complete set of bid document at CPD offices:
    Galkayo, Hobyo and Adado from Monday, 14th June 9:00 AM to Thursday, 24th June 2021
    3:00 PM.

  3. Bids must be delivered in plain sealed envelopes marked with Tender name and reference
    number and deposited in any CPD offices: Galkayo, Hobyo and Adado. Bids must be
    received on or before 3:00 pm Saturday, 26th June 2021. Electronic bidding through
    official E-Mail ( ) shall also be accepted. Late bids will be

The address referred to is: The Logistics Officer
Centre for Peace and Democracy
Adado Office, Adado-Galakyo main road, behind former
Building of Goboladha Dhexe radio station
Adado, Galmudug State, Somalia
Tel: +252 619 101 009