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Hygiene Promoters in five Galmudug Districts


Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) is a national non-profit non-governmental organization that undertakes both humanitarian and development interventions in Somalia. CPD’s vision envisages a peaceful and democratic society that has sustainable institutions, where human rights are protected, cultural dignity preserved and economic justice flourishing; this is a state free of the violence in which people engage one another in action and dialogue and value the common good above the comfort of a few.

Reducing extreme poverty in Somalia is a core pillar that defines our existence. Our poverty eradication programs target the ultra-poor families that are often neglected by the mainstream charities. We deploy comprehensive, time-bound, integrated and sequenced set of interventions that aim to enable the extreme and the ultra-poor families achieve key milestones towards sustainable livelihoods and socio-economic resilience, in order to progress along a pathway out of extreme poverty.

CPD’s water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programme is aimed at contributing to the achievement of the seventh millennium development goal of halving the number of people without access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation in the areas we work. The programme provides sustainable and integrated WASH services breaking the cycle of contamination caused by unhygienic latrines, contaminated water, and unsafe hygiene practices. We ensure the sustainability of these interventions by encouraging community ownership, developing linkages with local governments, and encouraging target communities to fully participate in the interventions.

CPD is currently implementing the project – Management of Regional Supply Hub (RSH) and Drought Response in partnership with UNICEF, and is looking for qualified Hygiene Promoters to conduct a Hygiene Promotion activity in the project for a period of nine (9) months w.e.f November 2022. The project will be implemented in five districts, within Galmudug State namely; Cabudwaaq, Cadaado, Ceel Buur, Dhuusamarreeb, Gaalkacyo, Hobyo and Xarardheere

Objective of the project

The overall objective of the project is to provide WASH services to vulnerable IDPs and host communities in the five districts above. Below are the key overall objectives of the project.

1.      To reduce AWD and cholera among vulnerable communities and IDPs through provision of WASH emergency supplies for household water treatment, safe water storage and hygiene and for treatment of community and IDP water sources and supply systems.

2.      To increase access to safe water for drought affected IDPs and vulnerable people through protection and upgrading of critical water supply systems.

3.      To increase access to sanitation services for drought affected IDPs through provision of household shared latrines with hand washing facilities


Hygiene Promoters’ responsibility

Sensitizing the community on the importance of good hygiene, the dangers of poor hygiene, and the best methods of preventing these dangers. Evaluating public hygiene risks and identifying members’ daily hygiene activities. The Hygiene Promoter will assess the purity of the community’s source of drinking water, how the community prepares its food, how the community disposes of its wastes, and the community’s preparations for the management of disease outbreaks basing the assessments against known hygiene benchmarks. Building sustainable relationships with members of the target population to create a sense of trust and respect. This will be done to identify areas of interest to the community, and to tailor hygiene education around these interests. Distributing Hygiene kits, such as cotton wool, disinfectants, waste baskets, and sanitary pads to help poor communities to protect themselves from infections. Coordinate disease prevention efforts by teaching the target populations ways to prevent the spread of common sicknesses and diseases like AWD and cholera.


CPD’s responsibility

CPD will give a two-day training on Hygiene Promotion to the selected Hygiene promoters. CPD will facilitate the Hygiene Promoters movements across the target areas. A monthly stipend will be paid to the position for the engagement duration of nine (9) months.


Expected outputs: Deliverables

·                Target communities’ knowledge and skills enhanced in Hygiene promotion approaches, leading to proper implementation of the project on the ground.  As a result, the incidence and prevalence of AWD and cholera will be reduced among vulnerable and/or affected people in the regions covered by the WASH project.



The Hygiene Promoters will be under the direct supervision of CPD’s Community Mobilizer under the overall guidance of the Project officer and Project Manager, WASH. He/she will be required to inform and share all matters pertaining to the delivery of the training with the Project Manager.


Key competences, technical background, and experience required: 


·        Communication fluency in Somali language and English.


·        Knowledge of participatory development approaches/methodologies such as PRA, PID, PIM, PICD etc.


·        Current knowledge of the latest developments and trends in the field.


·        Proven skills in Hygiene Promotion, psychosocial support, Infection Prevention Control Training (IPC) training facilitation.


·        Ability to work independently and achieve quality results with limited supervision.


How to Apply


Qualified candidates are requested to electronically submit their CVs and Cover letters from 16th to 27th October 2022, to the Human Resource Manager, Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) using the following email address: or hand deliver to any of our offices in Mogadishu, Adado and Galkayo. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.