Somalia’s President Faarmajo’s linked to the Attempted Assassination of PM Khaire

Wararka Maanta

A faction of Somalia’s intelligence agency, the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) and members of the FGS political establishment, have linked the President of the restive Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) to the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Hassan Khaire in Marka, a budding politician and top contender in upcoming National elections.

On Saturday the 14th September 2019, the Al-Qaeda branch in Somalia conducted twin attacks targeting Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire. The terror group issued a statement claiming the attacks and confirmed it was an attempted assassinations targeting the Prime Minister.

The group initially deployed a grenade targeting a podium where the Prime Minister was addressing public in the port city of Marka. 3 Members of the Prime Ministers security team were killed alongside a civilian. Subsequently, the terror group’s assassin unit coordinated a mortar strike that killed 2 civilians after missing the convoy of the PM.

Hassan Khaire seems to be uneasy after these events. His striking figure and pompous display of power has so far faded. The man who dons sharp suits, dark sunglasses, and enjoys state power, seems worried. Apart from scaling down public appearances, Khaire has become politically cautious. His intelligence and security team worry he may be targeted again and this time, like Engineer Yarisow, the Mayor of Mogadishu who was killed by a blind female bomber.

Days to the assassination of Mayor Yarisow, Faarmajo met the blind female bomber, perhaps it was coincidence, but Mogadishu patrons think otherwise, this is the Furhers today ways to silence dissent. For Khaire, it is a matter of when and where.

Political Supremacy and Military Power

The 4000 strong Ahlu-Suna Wajamaa militia incorporated in the SNA rank and file gives him a head start threatening Faarmajo who is largely viewed as intolerant and over ambitious. Khaire is a consummate wheeler-dealer who seeks to foster stronger regional ties, a dissenting political ideology, but one largely viewed positively back home. Faarmajo is inclined to expansionist ideals, thus unpopular both at home and regionally.

According to intelligence and FGS political stalwarts, Faarmajo has morphed to a small dictator. A corrupt man without principles and a dangerous saboteur who thinks he has saved Somalia, thus a furher. Khaire, a pacifist, tried to quietly weaken Faarmajo but his noble plan was outted. Faarmajo got wind and subtly promised a vicious retribution. Faarmajo also claimed that the PM had become too politically powerful thus a threat to National Security.  Khaire deal in Dhusamareb made him more powerful within the Somali National Army (SNA).

Khaire, is however not meek and easy to humble. He will make the ultimate move and checkmate Faarmajo who insiders claim has a free hand with Al-Qaeda branch in Somalia, Harakat Shabaab Mujahideen. “He is outsourcing hit squads from his clansmen in Al-Shabaab and paying them to commit attacks targeting what he doesn’t like”.

This adds to April 2019 intelligence reports that warned of the Presidents new found love with sections of Al-Shabaab Shura Council and the cosmetic decline of terrorism in the horn country. Meanwhile, Khaire must stay safe as he ponders his next chess move.

Source: Strategic Intelligence.