Al Shabaab Mastermind Of Mandera Attack Killed In Sablale

Wararka Maanta

Mohamed Dubow, an al Shabaab commander in Lower Shabelle and mastermind of an attack in Kenya’s Mandera town in 2016 that killed 14 people has been killed. The Kenyan government had offered a KSh 2 million reward for information leading to his arrest.

Dubow is the son of a key al Shabaab commander in Lower Shabelle and was killed in Sablale town. Somali military further announced that he was killed alongside the son of Mahad Karatay, an al-Shabaab commander too.

The allied troops in Somalia have been intensifying operations in Somalia especially in the Lower Shabelle hotbed where the group’s commanders hideout and conduct training of new recruits. The recent seeming crackdown on the group’s leadership can be attributed to strategic maneuvers that have been fishing them out based on information offered by defectors as well as HUMINT in the various regions of Somalia.